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Our Story

In 1999 a San Francisco Bay Area consulting firm gave me the responsibility of coming up with an alternative to their standard corporate “Gift Basket”.  My client told me that they were tired of giving the same old stale, low impact, repackaged items just like everyone else. 

I eagerly went to work creating recipes and developing a line of sweets based upon my personal product philosophy.  This philosophy can be defined using two words, Indulgent and Visual.   

Indulgent -  Sometimes you just need to treat yourself to a little sweet indulgence.  Tasting one of my products was going to be a mouthwatering memorable experience.  To ensure the highest level of freshness and quality, this meant making products in small batches, using only premium ingredients and no preservatives.  (Dutch Cocoa, Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, Guittard Chocolates, Handcrafted Caramel, orchard fresh apples, fresh dairy, eggs, sweet cream butter etc.)  

Visual - When presenting these products, there must be a “Wow” factor.  These items needed to look as good as they tasted.  They had to create an impact and leave a visual impression. 

Bottom line, they needed to be unforgettable . . .

For over 12 years Sugar Rush has been producing “Unforgettable Sweets” for both individuals and our corporate clients.  The response has been amazing! 

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Wedding Favors

Client Appreciation

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I hope you will allow me to make some of our truly decadent sweets for you.  They are made to order and delivered fresh.  Whether it’s a dozen baked cupcakes, a decadent dessert or a few of our gourmet pretzel rods just to satisfy a craving, I know that once you take the first bite . . . you will be hooked!

I guarantee your total satisfaction.

  1. -April Spencer, Owner


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