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Caramel Dipped

caramel dipped


Gourmet Apples

We start off with a Large,Tart, Crisp Granny Smith Apple and smother it in our hand made buttery caramel.  It’s then rolled in your topping of choice.  We then add either a rich Chocolate dip, or drizzle, or both, depending upon the flavor.  Finally, all of our apples are finished with a white chocolate drizzle.  These delicious apples are made to order and delivered fresh. 

8 Decadent Flavors

If you like rich, buttery, chewy, caramel covered sweets,

then you are going to go crazy over these items  

We make our Caramel by hand in small batches daily.  We use only the highest quality ingredients and no preservatives. If you’ve never had fresh, hand made caramel, you are in for a real treat. 

As always, all caramel dipped items are made upon request, and delivered fresh


The perfect indulgence!  Our Caramel, Chocolate covered pretzels are one of our most requested items.  Eat one yourself, or cut them up and serve as tasty bite sized mouth watering treats. Crispy, salty pretzels are first dipped in our home made buttery caramel.  They are then dipped again in rich Guittard chocolate or your choice of toppings. Then depending upon the flavor, they are dipped a 3rd time, and then drizzled white chocolate.


Multiple Flavors

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Chewy Caramel Bites

Absolutely the worlds greatest caramel!  That’s what our customers say. Our buttery hand made caramel is cut into squares, roughly 2”.  These chewy chunks of caramel are then dunked in rich Guittard milk chocolate and drizzled with white chocolate.  There is no way you can eat just one! 

2 Flavors -

Caramel or Caramel Pecan  

  1. -1/2 lb. Bag - $9.99

  2. -1 lb. Box - $17.99

  3. -With Pecans 1/2 lb. Bag - $11.99

  4. -With Pecans 1 lb. Box - $19.99

Caramel Chocolate


If you like the incredible combination of marshmallow, caramel and rich chocolate, this is a must have treat! 

Three Marshmallows dipped in our hand made caramel, dunked in Guittard chocolate and drizzled with a contrasting chocolate.

3 Flavors -

White, Milk or Dark Chocolate

  1. -Individually - $3.99

  2. -3 Pack  - $11.50

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